Thursday, November 21, 2013

52 Prepper Projects - Week 2 Project - Family Emergency Binder

The project for week 2 is a Family Emergency Binder. I had already been working on this before I started working on the 52 Prepper Projects so I had most of it done. I still have more info to find and add but it is a start! I am also keeping the originals in a fire proof safe and several electronic copies on my computer and online. I will be buying a waterproof, shock proof flash drive soon as well.

Some of the info I have included is:

- Emergency contacts and important phone numbers.
- Maps and directions to safe locations.
- Birth certificates.
- Insurance policies.
- Wallet contents.
- Recent photos.
- Plus much more.

I plan to add more info as I locate it as well as a small amount of emergency cash.

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