Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Disaster Prep (Bug Out) Bag As Of 11-14-13

My Disaster Prep (Bug Out) Bag As Of 11-14-13

This was the project for Week 1 of the 52 Prepper Projects.

This is what I have currently put together for our disaster prep/bug out bags. I am making them for four people, three dogs and six cats. I have a lot, a lot more work to do but I have started. Most of this I just gathered from around the house. I will be ordering some stuff from Amazon over the next few months to complete it.

I am open to suggestions and comments but keep in mind, I have just started. Hopefully a year from now (or less) I will have four fully stacked bags with extra supplies and the pet bags complete. But at this moment I have something that I can grab and go if need be.

Water Supplies: 2 Camelbaks, 1 Lifestraw, 1 Canteen, 4 Bottles of Water.
I have metal water bottles that I will be adding once I clean them. I also will be getting some water treatment tabs.

Food Supplies: 4 Granola Bars.
I have much more but I was feeling lazy and did not want to bring it up from the basement.

First Aid Supplies: I have a plan based off a tackle box that I saw on a blog to make all of this neat and organized. I think I will be getting some smaller kits for the bags instead of one large kit. I just need time and money!

Lighting Supplies: 3 Flashlights, Lots of Chem Lights, and 1 candle.
I will be buying a fire starter kit and some waterproof matches to add to this.

Pet Supplies: Dog and Cat Food and Treats
I would like to pick up some of the vest that you put on the dogs so they can carry their own supplies. I would also like to invest in some collapsible cat carriers. 

Misc. Supplies: Bandannas, Duct Tape wrapped around old credit cards, soap, playing cards, tape, parachute cord, sewing kit, multi tool.
Lots of things to add to this. I have a list and I will be adding as I can.

This is what I have so far. It's all in a tote until I get some bags. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have done a lot of research so hopefully I will not waste too much money getting this stuff together. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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